Thursday, August 06, 2009

Making a Wand vs Buying a Wand

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Just wondering for those of you out there who have a wand, did you make it yourself of did you buy it? I have seen some really nice wands out there for sale but when i've picked them up I wasn't really 'feelin it' if you know what I mean, sort of like our energies didn't gel.

I have been thinking about making my own wand, I am very drawn to Willow, always have been. Now, to obtain a suitable piece of willow I understand first I must seek the trees permission and always thank the tree for letting me take the wood, but do I have to take a piece from the ground which has already fallen or is it ok for me to take it from one of the trees branches?

Once I have got the wood for my wand do I have to do anything in particular with it to make it a wand or can I use it as it is?

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