Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Questions about Deities, Rituals, and Adherence (Wiccan)

When reading the book I got on Wicca, it told me a lot, but left more questions than were answered (Ah life, how you love to taunt people's thirst for knowledge). So I have a few questions. Please bear in mind that I was raised a Christian Catholic, so my knowledge about that religion and how it is structured will greatly impact how I understand. Also, I have a few disorders (Aspergers causing the most troubles), so if I don't understand right away, try wording it differently

I don't quite understand how the God and Goddess concept works. I get that they are considered in a yin and yang way and how one can have a personal relationship with them, but the book didn't explain their relationship with humans in general nor what their power exactly entails

When I think of a deity belonging to a monotheistic religion (for all intents and purposes, I am grouping Wicca in with that, despite it being a duotheistic (spelling?) religion when one only considers the God and Goddess, since two deities is a far cry from the many deities polytheistic religions and old cultures have), I think of an all powerful, all knowing being who can change the very fabric of reality with a single thought. Is this the same with the God and Goddess of Wicca, or are their powers more limited?

Are they known to get involved in human affairs often, or more or less just provide spiritual strength when asked? If they are all knowing, how does that exactly work with Free Will? (Christianity never exactly explained that, giving it one of the many strikes that eventually drove me away. After all, if you know all, then you also know the future, which means all actions are predetermined, in which case, why would a Hell even exist if we can't control what we do?) How do they view evil? If they are all good and have set views on what is evil and what is good, then why would they allow evil?

As for rituals, does one have to follow them to the letter, or is variance (and I mean more drastic variance, not, "Oh, that is allowed to be two inches shorter/oh, you can do that alone/in a group," style variance) allowed? If variance is allowed, how much is allowed? (E.G. is a circle needed for ones where, when talking about the ritual letter for letter, it says to prepare one? things like that) Also, how does one exactly FIND spells?

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