Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anyone with big festival experience (50+ people)?

A group of meetup organizers, myself included, are planning on a big regional festival of at least 50 people for either Summer Solstice or Lughnassadh in the San Francisco Bay Area that is tentatively going to take place over three days. One thing we're going to do for this one is not just include ritual, discussion, meditation, and workshops but are going to make the main event be a series of games, sports, arts, crafts, and bardic competitions. Tentatively the plan is for the first day to be introduction, arrival, and opening ritual, second day will be when we hold the events, third day is closing ritual and cleanup.

If anyone has any suggestions on running a big event, publicity, organization, any red tape to be aware of, as well as any suggestions for games, sports, and other events post 'em if you got 'em please.

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