Thursday, August 13, 2009

What has magick done for you?

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I'm not a pagan or a magician, though I do feel a strong pull towards the art. I've been researching lightly for the last year or so. I've procured many grimoires and well written treaties expounding the art, and I'm leaning heavily towards ceremonial magick with a slight pagan vibe. I intend to start with basic ceremonies very shortly while I continue to research and better understand the direction I would like to proceed.

Now, my question to you experienced navigators of the path on which I will soon embark is this:

- How has magick impacted your life?
• Have you achieved practical material results with magick?
• In what ways has magick helped shape the evolution of your spiritual life?

I'm simply interested in hearing stories of how this art has influenced and shaped the lives of others, and I'm very excited about taking my first baby steps in my own journey. I appreciate and eagerly await your responses!

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