Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is drawing down the moon and drawing down the sun?

Green pentagram (one point up); SVG.Image via Wikipedia

So I've been reading the Witches Bible by the Farrars and they talk about Drawing down the moon and the sun. What are these rituals about? They don't go into too much detail and I was hoping you all, could further explain it to me. From what I've read it's and excuse me if I get it wrong, drawing down the God and Goddess into the body of a human directly? What is the purpose of the doing this? Can you converse with them? Do they let you once they are inside someone? Is that the point of the ritual? Personally, I feel this is WAY to advanced for me but I would just like some clarification on the matter. And to vent that the invoking pentacle is wrong in the book, it's supposed to point up not down to invoke it. At least that's what all of my research suggests.

Why they keep putting wrong info into the books is still a mystery to me. Personally, I know that if you do a banishing pentagram nothing will happen but sometimes I feel it's a little risky to be sending newbies out there with half a deck of cards, ya know.

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