Saturday, July 04, 2009

What Does It Mean to be Active in your Religion?

A sadhu performing namaste in Madurai, India.Image via Wikipedia

This was inspired by Juniper's thread about turning to religion only when you need it. As I read it, the distinction came up in the thread between practising and non-practising, or active and non-active adherents of a religion. I'm personally still trying to work out what practices my faith demands, so I can't even tell if I'm actively religious or not.

But for everyone else, does your path easily distinguish between active and non-active believers? Can you say, for example, that someone of your religion has to do XYZ or else, no matter how hard they believe, they don't count as active? Does it always have to be actions that determine how active you are? And how important is it, even, to be active in your religion?

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