Monday, July 06, 2009

Lost Teacher, What Should I Do?

You see, a few months back, I was initiated and became an official in-training witch. Although my teacher being a Hellenistic Pagan, I felt a different path I needed to find for myself was out there. So, I started undertaking basic witch training.

Well, my path is not the problem I'm facing. The problem I am face is... Well, I am now out of touch with my teacher. At this point, I've been trying to train myself. Sorta, Well, more like, doing what I can, and using what I do know, to try and keep myself... Strong, so to speak. Well, Not to say I'm lost without a teacher, I just feel...Not, complete. Sort of, in the fact that I started with a teacher, and I may not end with one. I've been undertaking attempts to learn various things from...Well, however much I'll be scolded for it, the Internet, attempting to hold simple, solo rituals, keeping things very simple, in case I feel something goes wrong, I can easy fix my own mess. But, I'm kinda at a hump in the road, I don't know whether I should search for another teacher, or continue a solitary path. If I should continue my own path, How will I know I'm ready to be finalized in my training? for most of my time, I was following by example, and now. Not really having much physical connection with anyone magickally, I don't really know when I'd call myself "complete" from training. And no, contact with the original teacher is not possible. I even had a dream in which we reconciled, but, I feel that is something far in the future, if at all.

No, this is not a round-about way for me to ask for a teacher. I suppose, I'm simply asking for advice from teachers, or possibly people who've been through this. Because, I really don't know what to do.

And, my reasoning for using the internet as my resource - Well, books are pricey, and something I can't afford.

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