Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Circumstances and Choice in Wicca and Other Pagan Religions

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I am currently reading True Magick by Amber K. It has had several bits of wisdom so far that I have found helpful and given me plenty to meditate on. One of those things is the author's comment "that nearly everything in your life - every event, relationship, thought, and material object - is there because you chose it." She goes on to say, "What we have considered to be acts done to us, or coincidences, or accidents, are often events chosen or at least accepted by us on a level below our conscious mind." Later, in another section, there seems to be an implication that this includes illness as well.

I would like to hear people's take on this. Is this considered truth to most Wiccans? How about other pagan religions? At what point is this no longer true? Does a child choose to be born with AIDS? Does a person choose to be attacked and robbed? If a child grows up to have serious lung problems is it there choice or are they indeed the victims of the people that smoked around them 24/7? As you can see this could go in many directions. These aren't the only questions I am looking for people's takes on - just a sampling of where this idea is hard to grasp.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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