Monday, July 20, 2009

Religion and Hospital Stays

This question brought to you because I'm helping a good friend who's had hip replacement surgery this week.

She is also Pagan, and they've kept asking her if she'd like a chaplain to stop by. She's always replied "If you have a Pagan-friendly one, sure." They look confused, and reply that the chaplains are non-denominational, and nothing has happened. (She's fine with this: she'd be amused by the conversation, but she's not in any spiritual need, and if she were, I or a couple of other people would be happy to do what's needed.) After some digging around (the hospital does not make it easy to find info on the chaplaincy program), it's heavily supported by a coalition of Lutheran churches (not surprising for Minnesota, but perhaps explains why they're a bit more puzzled than they might be.))

So, my question is - if you were in hospital, what would you hope for? What would really annoy you? Would you like a visit from a chaplain familiar with Paganism? (Not necessarily someone on your path, but someone who could at least make sensible conversation about it). Etc.

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