Wednesday, July 08, 2009

God Conjuring (Or Creating New Gods)

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As I continue my Pagan path, one core beliefs is still sticking with me and I wanted to examine it a bit by presenting an idea.

Is it possible to conjure your own God(s)? I ask this because it seems that all world faiths have some concept of a deity. A large portion of these beliefs are very recent, thus making their Gods either a recent creation or borrowed from and older belief system. But if their God is indeed a new creation, wouldn't it be logical to say that we have the potential to conjure our own at will? People do this all the time. Lets say you put some faith in a spirit guide, Jesus, a loved one who has passed away. We all give this entity power by believing that if we put trust in it, then this entity will bring goodness to our lives in some form. This gives the entity a power that is similar and sometimes equal to the traditional Gods of old religion. Further more, if more people begin believing in the entity, wouldn't it eventually become a religion (IE The magic Conch from Spongebob Squarepants)?

Lets say for instance I want to create a God that looks like a giant chicken. If I believe in its existence and put some trust in it, it inherently adopts the personality and power of what we think a God should be. I know it may be amusing, but the Israelites did the same thing with the creation of the Golden Calf. To them it had power.

I believe in an essence that is above all Gods. This essence emanates in all things and bears God children (See Scott Cunningham on the creation of the God and Goddess of Wicca). So if this essence is capable of bearing God children, is it also possible that it will bear any God child at the time we need it? Truly we are a part of the Essence because we have life, the same life that was given to the Gods.

Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?

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