Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do you Acknowledge Where your Beliefs come from?

This might sound like an odd question but since being on this forum its made me wonder. I personally don't know exactly what Pagan "path" I follow. I suppose I just take different beliefs from different places - does this make me a bad Pagan? Would I be classed as someone who cherry picks the best bits and the parts that are easier to grasp? Am I a fluffy bunny? I don't believe I am. Maybe I follow an eclectic Pagan path? Can that even be classed as a path? Can I just call myself a Pagan? Or is that too general?

Do most Pagans (I ask this because I have no contact in "real life" with Pagans) follow a specific path? Do they acknowledge the path they are on and where their beliefs stem from?

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