Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Would You Like To See Happening in the Reformed Celtic Polytheism SIG?

Hey ya'll, ever since I agreed to lead the Reformed Celtic Polytheism SIG I feel like I haven't been around that much. Real life, depression and the last semester of my college career can, I guess, take up a lot of time and energy.

I'm happy there are new topics popping up here and there occasionally; I think there are some great discussions happening.

That said, I need ya'lls opinion. I'd like to start making this SIG a more active place again, but frankly, I'm a little uncertain as to how to do that. So I turn to you guys.

What would ya'll like to see here in the SIG to make things more active/interesting to you? Are you interested in trying to return to the core planning and decision making of RCR? Are you interested in weekly topics (such as Juni started)? What kind of suggestions, projects, ideas, anything, if any, do ya'll have for trying to boost this SIG up a little?

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