Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Three druidesses at Stonehenge on the morning ...Image via Wikipedia

I've read tons of over-romanticized fluff on OBODs site. They wrote alot about how druids were either bard, ovates, or druids, and talked about what each of them did in their respective clans. However, I feel like I've read mostly everything on it, and still have very little feeling for what a neo-druid actually is. As far as what I know now, reconstruction celts and neo-druids honor deities or deity figures, mark the holidays, and worship nature. I personally feel that celtic paganism is right for me, since I'm particularly drawn to my irish and scottish heritage. What exactly are the elements that gives a person to refer to themself as a druid? What does a druid do? What specific ancient practices does he or she follow? What do you think? Any books that could answer my question?

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