Sunday, April 05, 2009

Minor Gods/Goddesses?

Have any of you had experiences with so called 'minor' Gods or Goddesses? By 'minor', I mean ones that don't have many myths involving them, ones that didn't have a huge place in their respective religions/mythologies, etc.

I've been having experiences with a so-called 'minor' God for a while now - Thanatos. I've always had an interest in Him, and it's waned on and off throughout the years, but it's seemed to be stronger lately. I've done as much research as I can, and not much has turned up.

I've always been interested in mythology, especially Greek and Roman. I took Latin back in public school because of this interest.

Thanatos has popped up in various ways in my life, most recently in a dream a few days ago that got me asking about this here. The dream was very obvious - I was dreaming that I was doing a pathworking (something I have not yet been able to accomplish due to the lack of quiet places in my house) and that I received a sign from Thanatos. I don't remember what the sign was.

About a year ago I was interested in the video game Persona 3, which features Thanatos as a character. I stumbled across a stuffed animal of Thanatos as he appears in that game on Ebay, and on impulse I decided to buy it. I brought the stuffed animal with me on a plane trip I took, and for the last leg of the trip we were on a very loud plane that took many sharp turns and encountered a lot of turbulence. I remember grabbing the stuffed animal from my bag and thinking that it would protect me... now that I look back on that, it seems to have a lot more significance than I thought it did at the time.

So, anyways - does anyone have a minor God or Goddess that is important to them? How do you go about forming a relationship with Them when there is such little information available?

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