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Badb, Macha, Morrigan, Anand?

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n the Lebor Gabála Érenn it refers to Badb, Macha and Anand as the Paps of Anu.

"Badb and Macha and Anand, of whom are the Paps of Anu in Luachar were the three daughters of Ernmas the she-farmer."

Later it says that three daughters of Ernmas were Badb, Macha and Morrigu "whose name was Anand".

"Ernmas had other three daughters, Badb and Macha and Morrigu, whose name was Anand. Her three sons were Glon and Gaim and Coscar"

It goes on after to describe Badb, Macha and Morrigu-

"Badb and Macha, greatness of wealth, Morrigu--
springs of craftiness,
sources of bitter fighting
were the three daughters of Ernmas"

The Morrigan seems sometimes like three separate deities and other times like three aspects of one. This is a little confusing, but what's got me the most is reading that Anand was also the name for Morrigan and even more that She is associated with fertility and prosperity.

I'm going all over the place now . . . It's hard to say what I'm trying to say now that I'm writing it out Undecided

These are my two questions:

1. Is TM three deities or three aspects of one?

2. Anand is associatd with fertility, cattle and prosperity, so then is this also an aspect of the Morrigan leading more to a Goddess who deals with the entire cycle(both life, death and the time between)?

Maybe I mixed references or something went over my head here, but this is really sending my head spinning. Is it similar to Kali who at first seems like a deity of death and destruction but after reading more you find that she's associated with both creation and destruction?

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