Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wiccan Authors - Your recommended list?

Wiccans gather for a handfasting ceremony at A...Image via Wikipedia

Just looking for input on who you all feel are the best authors of Wiccan books out there. Who do you feel presents the most straightforward, accurate depictions of what Wicca should be like and how it should be practiced? Which authors leave out most of the "fluff" and get straight to how the religion should be properly practiced? I understand Silver RavenWolf is not one of these authors for various reasons. How about Buckland? Cunningham? Starhawk? Those are the top few I can think of offhand, other than Gardner of course.

Seems like everywhere I look, everyone has a different idea about Wicca. It's almost a turnoff seeing people get so caught up in how it is celebrated that they result in online flame-wars and the whole "if you don't do it THIS way, you're not a Wiccan." I suppose that drama comes with any religion, but I do see it more with Wicca for some reason. Any thoughts?

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