Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Chavi Memorial Chronic Illness SIG Now Open

In honor of Chavi, The Cauldron has opened the Chavi Memorial Chronic Illness SIG -- a message board for where those Pagans suffering from severe illnesses, chronic illnesses, chronic pain and other long term medical problems (or who are caretakers, friends, or family of a person so suffering -- Pagan or not) can post about their problems in a supportive environment. The Prayer and Energy Requests board is still the place to post prayer and energy requests, the new forum is for more long term discussion and support.

We've moved Lyric's Cancer Update thread to the new SIG. If you have a serious/chronic illness that you have been discussing in another thread, we can move the thread to the new SIG for you -- or you can start a new thread there. Everyone is welcome to read the board and participate in discussions in a supportive manner.

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