Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Study: Trance-portation

Hello! This thread is an in-depth discussion of a book: Trance-portation by Diana Paxson. In order to keep this thread useful, we have a few specific guidelines.

1) This thread is focused on discussion of the book, and working through its exercises. Please take any side conversations that arise to another thread or to private message/email.

To keep conversation flowing and focused, we also ask that you limit brief messages (like one that just says "I agree") - these can make the thread much harder to read through later than more substantial posts.

2) You're welcome to just read along, or to post some of your experiences and thoughts - either is fine! (Posting a brief intro as part of your first post in the thread specific to your experience with trance work might be helpful, though.)

3) Take care of yourself.
We'll be talking about some appropriate precautions (both those mentioned in the book, and those various people have found useful in their own practices) throughout.

However, please be aware that this is a book discussion group, not an in-person training group. The amount of support we can give if you have difficulties is quite limited. If you have *any* concerns about your well-being, you should stop doing whatever's causing the problem, and seek out specific help.

4) Schedule:
We'll be aiming at a new chapter every 3-4 weeks, but may adjust slightly as we go along, based on how people post about the exercises.

Jenett will post a brief overview of each chapter. This will be followed by discussion - and as people get a chance to try the exercises, discussion of their exercises/experiences. If you want to experience the exercises without reading other people's experiences, we suggest you begin them within the first week of the chapter's discussion.

If you come across this thread after we've started discussion, we strongly encourage you to work through the earlier chapters first - trance-work is an area that builds on previous skills.

5) Organization:
Jenett's volunteered to make sure the conversation keeps moving, but she does not know everything.

Please chime in with other viewpoints, experiences, ideas, and so on (as long as they're related to the book, of course, to keep this thread tidy and useful.) Everyone is asked to remember that the experience of trance is a very personal one: people may have different experiences or approaches. Talking about where they come from and why they work is probably more useful (to everyone) than dismissing them.

Now, let's get started!

As suggested above, if you're interested in actively participating in this book study, or just planning to read this thread as it develops, please post a brief intro.

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