Sunday, June 08, 2008

How Long Have You Defined Yourself as Pagan?

Clarification for voting
The poll voting is about when have you defined yourself as Pagan - not when you've started to be interested in Pagan stuff (without labeling yourself as one) nor when you came out of the closet with that label (but have seen yourself as one secretly before).

Some points for discussion if you like
What made you decide to define yourself as Pagan as opposed to someone who is just interested in myths, history, nature, meditation, esoteric stuff etc.?

* Have you pondered that label for a while or did you suddenly discover it and had some sort of key experience that just made you think 'Yes, that is it what I was searching all along.'?

* Did it give you a sense of belonging to a community or was it just a label for your own identity and you didn't care if you'd fit into the community?

For those who are longer Pagan and have a lot of experience with the Pagan community:

* Have you experienced a change in what the label 'Pagan' means inside and outside the Pagan community?

* How has Paganism changed itsself since you started practicing?

* Has your own view of Paganism changed over the time?

* How did those changes affect your life and religious/spiritual practice?

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