Monday, June 02, 2008

Grounding and Circles and Such

Some time ago I performed a healing ritual. I thought I had grounded myself well with breathing and focus beforehand but ended up basically in shock afterwards. There was a point where I could feel the energy of EVERY thing around me. I always do all my rituals outside so it was quite the flow LOL. I based what I did on a natural ability that I seem to have always had and it was the first time I had used it in a ritual sense.

My questions are these. I obviously did not ground myself well enough so any suggestions on that would be great. I have done all my grounding by instinct for the most part so I am an open book. So where did I go wrong?

Circles. From most of what I have read creating a circle for a ritual is a Wiccan thing, not that I am saying Wiccans are bad - just that I am not a Wiccan. Are circles that important to ritual and how does one go about creating a circle when you are not Wiccan. That may sound hopelessly dumb - but all the info I have found on them is Wiccan.

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