Saturday, June 07, 2008

Marking Important Life Transitions

Many of my friends have had babies recently. One of my covenmates is starting a new college. I'm almost ready to graduate from night school. Another covenmate is getting handfasted at the end of the month.

This got me thinking... one of the things I think pagan religions generally lack are ceremonies for life transitions. Often, we don't bother thinking about it until we're on the edge of the transition, and then it might be too hectic to even think about designing our own ceremony to celebrate the transition/accomplishment.

- How important is it to you to celebrate life transitions with religious ceremonies?

- Does your religion have an established liturgy for such ceremonies you could draw from, or would you have to write your own?

- And finally, what sort of events would you consider important transitions, besides the obvious ones... birth, death, and weddings? Are graduations important? The onset of puberty? Menopause? Buying one's first home? Paying off a long-standing debt? A child loosing her first tooth? The first day of school?

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