Monday, June 02, 2008

How Would You Define the Difference Between Religion and Spirituality?

1) Your beliefs:
Do you see yourself as religious and/or spiritual? In what way/s?

2) Definition:
Do you see a difference between 'religious' and 'spiritual'?
If so, in what way? Maybe...

* Religious as a dedication to (a) specific deity/ies or following a specific path (with cosmological and philosophical underpinnings maybe), but spiritual as an interest in the Other (maybe without dedication, how about cosmological and philosophical underpinnings)?

* Spiritual as the opposite of materialistic? If so, how does this tie to religiousity? Would/does the lack of spirituality make you areligious or would/are you then be religions in a materialistic way?

* Any other idea or definition from any source?

3) Conclusion:
So does

* 'religious' and 'spiritual' just describe different aspects of faith & practice (rather like two sides of a coin, one couldn't exist without the other)

* or are 'religious' and 'spiritual' different characteristics of faith & practice independent of each other (so a person could be spiritual but not religious or vice versa)?

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