Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The meaning of the word 'witch'?

The word 'witch' has a multiplicity of uses.

It can be used to mean some one who practices magic, or it can be used to mean an evil sorcerer of some sort. It is also used to mean, quite simply, a 'hag'.

Religiously, the word 'witch' crops up quite often. But what exactly is a 'witch' when speaking religiously? Does the word ‘witch’ still mean the same thing when putting either cottage, hedge or kitchen in front of it?

'Witch' is also commonly seen with the word 'craft' tagged onto it. But what exactly is Witchcraft? Is it as straightforward as it sounds: the practice of a witch, whatever a witch may be?

And finally, what do you think about a religious group laying claim to the title of 'Witchcraft'? Do you think there is one that has a rightful claim, or do you think it is a practice that anybody can claim?

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