Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cultural Absence?

It struck me today as I was reading that here in North America we have no real cultural deities of our own. That could stem from that fact that we have no real single culture of our own - but thats its own subject.

We borrow. We borrow from the Greeks, Egyptions, Hebrews, various Celtic cultures, Nords, etc. Then we are left with the task of fitting what we know of the ideals, doctrine and belief of these deities into a modern culture that makes little room for the worship of anything but money. Often as not it becomes as tasking as it is rewarding due to our societies structure.

I find it strange that we have in our part of the world no culturally located deities. Is it that they are not there at all or are we simply not seeing them? Or do they manifest themselves as deities that we can understand because they are part of the lore that we already know?

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