Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cottage Witch in the City

No, this isn't going to be a TV series or book series!

This, is a twenty year old male who (one month and one half ago, thank you very much!) moved out into his own. For those of you who may remember, I'm the one who brought up a topic in the Prayer/Energy request forum about a child. That situation, although has not occurred (praise the gods) , deteriorated more so with 'the key players' involved.

Regardless, I moved out. It's been beautiful and fantastic with no drama, no worries since then. I did my fantastically good deed for nearly a year, now the Universe seems to be paying me back a bit!

But, here I am. Sitting in my living room with a candle in a circle of crystals burning, some incense scenting the space and reading "Cottage Witchery" by Ellen Dugan. I'm only about an eighth of the way through this book, but it's fantastic so far!

I was wondering a few things really and thought I would come to my favorite little pagan forum I'm constantly checking out, and ask...Are you?

If you are, what have you done to your place as a 'Cottage Witch'? Where are you at location wise (City, 'Burbs, Country, etc.) and how have you done your place?

If you could go so far, do you have any ideas that I can get inspired by? Pictures maybe even?

So far I've found a few baskets that will house small things (at the moment, glass bottles and a teapot, one is also covering the door bell) that is on the wall. Glass ornaments I got from Hobby Lobby for 2.00 each (love 50% off days!), a fantastic "at home" green color on the walls, a 30something year old couch that is in fantastic condition. A glass table I've had for almost five years now, and a 'heavy' wood coffee table I got from Goodwill for 30.00. Oh, and of course my silver book shelves.

I intend on taking a picture in due time, but I really want to know, what else have you done or wanting to do?

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