Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pantheon Structures?

Heard in a lecture recently that the ancient Egypt had a different pantheon structure than the ancient Greeks. The Egypt's' pantheon is hierarchical with all Gods coming from one God and there's supposed to be unity among all of them. (Like a pyramid?) In the Greek pantheon is no unity and the Gods are in sort of concurrence for worshippers. The prof also said that the Greek model is rare.

Not sure if I got this right?

How is that in Kemetism and Hellenismos today?

How about the other pantheons, Celtic, Norse etc.?

What structure does your personal pantheon have?
Do you see all Gods & Goddesses as aspects of one God/Goddess or all Gods & Goddesses entities of their own?
Is there a chief/chieftess God/Goddess?
Is there some sort of order in your pantheon or are the God/Goddesses like a loose bunch of cats who fight among each other for attention? Are Gods/Goddesses jealous of each other?
Or don't they have any relationship to each other whatsoever?
If there is a specific order/hierarchy in your pantheon, what kind of? Like in a big family? Patriarchic or matriarchic?

Sorry for the many (and maybe stupid) questions. I don't have any close relationship to a God or Goddess and try to make up my mind about if that would work for me or not, I feel slightly drawn to Artemis/Diana and Athena/Minerva.

I'm also just curious how Polytheism works today and how it worked in history.

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