Saturday, January 12, 2008

Celtic Underworld/Otherworld Narratives?

A colleague of mine is looking for stories, for a university class, of voyages to the underworld in Celtic myth and folklore. It's been AGES since I read Celtic material that wasn't fairy-related, and I figured y'all would know this stuff off the tops of your heads, so I thought I'd ask. Cheesy I'm coming up with the "Pwyll" segement of the Mabinogian (where he swaps kingdoms with Arawn), the Voyage of Bran (visits to otherworldly islands), and a metric ton of fairy narratives (of the "visits/abductions to fairyland" type), but I know there's more. Any suggestions? Thanks!

(I'm also having a hell of a time remembering where the story of Arthur and the cauldron of Annwfn shows up -- anyone know what text it's in?)

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