Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Annual Donation Drive Info For 2008

We have had our donation drive in February in the past. We are moving it to January this year because LyricFox will be starting radiation treatments for her cancer in late January or early February and we do not want to be dealing with tracking donations and cancer treatments. Our annual web hosting bill for ecauldron.com (the main web site with our articles, reviews, newsletters, etc.) is due next month, so it is time for our annual Cauldron Donation Drive. If those of our members who can afford to contribute $5, $10, $20 or more in the next few weeks would do so, we'd probably have all the money needed. The Hosts usually donate $50 toward the fund, but given our medical bills, we may not be able to do so this year.

Don't worry, if we don't get enough donations, the main web site will not disappear. The Hosts will scrape up the money needed somehow, so there's no "if you don't donate the web site will disappear" nonsense some other sites have been known to do. We just appreciate all the help we can get as the Hosts are not rolling in money any more than you are and a large bill in one month would really work havoc -- even more than usual this year.

Donations can be accepted via PayPal or the Amazon Honor System (or even by money order). Paypal is slightly better than Amazon as they take a slightly smaller fee out of what is donated. If you want to be personally credited and thanked for your donation, be sure to use PayPal and mention your message board login name in the Comments box (if one appears -- as we have to encrypt the code to prevent spammers from getting the address, it probably will not) or send us a separate email from the same email address giving us your message board login name. (Amazon donations are anonymous so we can't email you our thanks). Note that donations to TC are not tax-deductible in the US and probably aren't elsewhere either.

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