Thursday, January 31, 2008

Choosing a Path?

I am really unsure of how to proceed on my pagan path, as I'm not sure which path to follow. There are aspects of several paths that I like, but none seems to fit me perfectly.

I like ritualized magic and spellcasting, but I just don't believe there are only 2 deities. I believe in Cernunnos (my patron) and a 3-faced moon-goddess, but I also believe in the Earth Mother and Lugh.

I don't believe in reincarnation or past lives. I find it hard enough to believe that the Divine are cruel enough to make us go through this life once, but to willingly believe that they are sadistic enough to make us come back and endure it time and time again is just beyond me.

I don't like anything which even has the flavor of Eastern religions. Things like Aikido, Chakras, Tantras, Yoga, Feng Shui, Taoism, Shakti, Reiki, Yin/Yang, I Ching... mere mention of these are enough to make me instantly lose interest in a conversation. I do, however, like Taiko drumming and am interested in learning more about Pashupati.

I have a deep reverence for life which borders on the silly sometimes.
* I cry if I hit anything with my car.
* I won't use a cut Christmas tree... I cry when I have to carry the poor dead thing out to the curb.
* I have an interest in Bonsai, but I won't try because I'm afraid of killing the poor little trees.
* I often talk to plants and animals.

I have always felt that there was a living, intelligent presence in the woods. I get the distinct impression that it is male. I usually find myself looking in the underbrush for eyes looking back at me. I find myself in a state of awe when I'm in the woods.

Whenever I go out at night, I always look to see where the moon is, what phase she is in, and pause to admire her beauty. I tell her just how beautiful I think she is.

I love divination. I work with the Tarot and with the Ogham. I am also just starting to get into pendulums and am getting ready to try making a black mirror. Astrology, however, bores me to tears.

I am fascinated with Celtic and Native American cultures. I like reading about the Druids and the Shamans. I feel Stonehenge is a holy place and have 2 totem animals: wolf and crow. I love Celtic music and I am slowly teaching myslef to speak Scottish Gaelic. I want to learn more about Spirit Quests and OOBEs.

Holly and Oak are holy plants for me.

I am interested in learning more about faeire, the Greenman, the Wild Hunt, and the Holly King/Oak King stories. I love wind chimes, fountains, bells, incense and candles.

So what path do you think would fit me best?

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