Monday, October 15, 2007

Technology Age Gods

Is it possible that there are new Gods that have formed with the changing world that we are not aware of or have over-looked?

Somehow I feel as though I have failed as a Pagan for always looking for a deity of the past when one appears to me. Surley there must be new God/Goddesses being born/created? Why have I always tried to assign a modern concept or thing (such as technology) to a deity of the past?

In my opinion a deity is the essence of a thing, force, or idea. Then it would stand to reason that there are new Gods. Why have I hesitated to seek them out for help? Possibly because I am seen as being flaky enough without going on an "in search of new Gods" type adventure? Or maybe because others might deem this as the stuff of "fluff-bunnies?" (a term I despise by the way)

Has anyone encountered what they suspect may be a "newer" technology age God?

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