Saturday, October 13, 2007

Starting Young

With the increasing trend of "Wiccans" and "Pagans" beginning to follow their different paths earlier and earlier, often without supervision, I feel the need to wonder how many of these will continue into adulthood as sane, reasonable human-beings and remain a member of their chosen way.

I know I got started early, I started wondering when I was about fourteen and started practicing when I was six-teen. Unfortunately, I had no real mentors to guide me along, except for O' Invisible One, who I avoided like the plague. I really don't think I was ready, I understand things happen for a reason, and I love my relationship with Apollo (Let me rephrase that, right now I'm tired, grumpy, and severely disappointed with my own abilities and will-power; at least, I'm not running away from Apollo anymore. ) But I don't think I was really ready.

Even now at eighteen, when most young people are out with friends and having fun, I, by choice, am at home studying (sometimes) for both my religion/divination and college. But having all this pressure and responsibility is not fun. There are days when I'm arguing with my mentors, and grandparents, I wish I could just tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine and go off and have myself a good, petty sulk-fest. But then that would hurt their feelings and upset them and so I don't I put up with it until I break then we begin again. It's a horrible cycle, but until I get my own home, and can be more open with my spirituality I don't foresee any great change.

I'm not a masochist, and I would love to be one of those social butterflies, but that's not my lot. And I know that my hard work now will pay off later, it's just hard when I don't get to "see" the results.

But what about other teen "others"? Who do they have to look to and what are their chances to have a future as a well-balanced pagan adult?

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