Thursday, October 18, 2007

Neopagan Texts for Teens

I'm working on an article/conference paper concerning Neopagan texts (fiction and nonfiction) aimed specifically at teenagers -- $RW's Teen Witch, Manoy's Where to Park Your Broomstick, Rain's Spellcraft for Teens, and so forth. We're all familiar with $RW's nonsense (Frost Giants!), but I'm wondering what you all think of the general category of Neopagan -- almost always NeoWiccan -- books aimed at teenagers. Is there a need for such things? What are te benefits/drawbacks of specific books, or the genre as a whole? What would be an "ideal" text to introduce teens to Neopaganism (it can be an existing book, or a list of things you think an ideal book would contain)? What are some of the specific issues you think a Neopagan book for teens should address?

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