Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sealing a Staff

I've got a Pine staff that broke off a pine tree some years ago. Apparently before it did, I had carved my initials "CNG" into the bottom of it, then this girl broke it off with her head (I forget how that happened), it sat outside for a year and I was like "Wow, this thing isn't rotting...I have to keep it." So I did.

Well, I went camping this past summer to PSG (Pagan Spirt Gather, www.circlesanctuary.com) and everyone complemented me on it. Unknowingly to me, I also bought a off white robe and three different clear quartz crystals (various prices, various types) for it. Basically all it it lead into this Protection, so I'm like "Woh, you've got to be kidding me" cause I've always thought of my self as "my friends Guardian"

So, after that this woman told me how to seal the bottom of the staff and what to use to place my crystals on on top of it. I also bought some leather for a grip and quiet possibly the bottom of it also (soft brown leather, looks marvelous on it)

Now to my questions:

1. What can I use to seal the bottom?
2. Since the top should be sealed with whatever I use to hold the crystals in place, what should I use to hold the crystals in place?
3. Do you know of any sort of sigils/symbols I can place with in this staff? What ever it is, I can likely hold it in place with the leather or add something to this.

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