Monday, December 04, 2006

Wedding Question?

I was recently proposed to. Very romantic, at the Texas Reniassance Festival. Anyhow, I'm now left with the task of planning the wedding.

Herein lies the problem. I am Pagan, he is a Satanist, my family is Baptist and I don't know what his family is... We want to have an outdoor wedding, both of us have a strong connection to nature. Since we live in South Texas, we're not too limited on when we can have the wedding and still have an outdoor ceremony. Yay for South Texas! The problem that I'm having is how do I take both of our beliefs and still have a ceremony that all of our family and friends will understand/enjoy/not freak out about? His best man is Pagan, as is one of my bridesmaids. The rest are Christian/agnostic. Does anyone have any ideas?

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