Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Gods?

A lot of people will mention, in explaining either paganism as a whole or their own particular flavour of it, that they worship 'pre-Christian gods'. I've seen the term so often in recent threads that I've started wondering if JHVH is the 'baby of the family'.

Did the gods stop breeding abruptly 2000-odd years ago? Have none appeared/been born/revealed themselves since the dawn of Christianity?

Or is this a societally imposed moratorium on new gods, a feeling that in order to deserve current respect or worship one must have been around for millenia?

There have been so many changes in human society, new social systems, technologies, new cultures etc. that it seems strange that no new gods have appeared. Would someone who admits to worshipping a post-Christian god be seen as less serious, or less valid in their religious beliefs, than those who follow pre-Christian ones?

If Gods will themselves into existence, or appear in response to people's needs, why have they stopped? Is there a general feeling among people that 'we have enough, now, thanks', so that new gods would have a hard time getting recognized?

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