Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Site Colors Coming Soon

After six or seven years, it's time for a change to the appearance of this site. While we'd love to do a complete site redesign with a modern CSS layout, we've finally admitted that we aren't likely to have time to do this -- after over two years of having a complete CSS redesign scheduled for "soon." Therefore will are just going to give the website a minor face lift: new colors and a slightly cleaner look. However, this minor update will make it much easier to integrate third party features into The Cauldron's web site because this site will use solid colors instead of background images. This will also make it load a bit faster.

The current plan is to roll out this change over the next few days. As different parts of the site are created with different tools, there will be times when one part of the site has the old look and another part of the site has the new look. In a few cases, the old look and the new look may co-exist on the same page for a while. Our apologies in advance for any site appearance weirdness as we update the site.

The default color theme on our message board will be changing to match the new look of the web site. However, if you prefer the current theme, it will be available as an optional theme from the settings menu.

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