Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Imbolc & Brighid -- Books, Stories, Legends, etc.?

I'm constantly on the prowl for new ideas for celebration. Casting a circle and writing ritual -- it works for some people, but it does nothing for me. I love circles, but I haven't figured out how to make them happen unless it's about something bigger than me. Samhain's about the only sabbat I can cast a circle for by myself. Ritual writing is lost on me as well; it's one of the few creative things I can't find any foothold in. And this discussion is not about that. So. Another time!

In preparation for Imbolc, I'm looking for both ancient myths & legends or books about/regarding Brighid (since the feast is for her!) and I'm looking for some ideas of solitary celebration.

My current plans include making corn muffins and honey butter from scratch, making a new candle, getting bundled up and taking a hike into the woods with some of the muffins & butter & the candle, and a warm blanket, finding a not-so-snowy spot, and _________. Mostly I just sit and eat some of what I've brought to offer, and leave the rest, and enjoy what They have given to us. Sometimes I'll read, hence the asking about the reading material.

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