Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Cauldron's NINTH Anniversary (Dec 13, 2006)

The Cauldron celebrates her Ninth Anniversary today. Nine years ago today -- on December 13, 1997 -- the folks at Delphi (now DelphiForums) got our new "Custom Forum" fully working. I had started the forum on December 10th, but due to a glitch the forum would not anyone but me post until the 13th. It took Delphi several days to fix it -- and this was back when you had to pay to start a forum.

The Cauldron was a Yule gift to Elspeth. TC started out very slow. I think by the end of three months, we only had 400 messages or so -- most from a small group of our friends. But the board grew with time. We've moved around a bit since then. First to a mailing list, then back to Delphi (reopening our original forum there), then when DelphiForums just got too annoying to live with Bob offered his server and to what is now our "Archive Board" here. When the upgrade to Beehive 0.6x proved to be a disaster of slowness, we moved to this older version of Beehive last February. Fortunately, our members have followed us from home to home.

A few of us (Elspeth, myself, and Ann for sure) have been here since day one, many more have joined us over the years and many have made TC their online home for many years. A lot of things both good (I met LyricFox here) and bad (lots of spammers) have happened here in nine years, and will -- with your support and the Gods willing -- continue for years to come.

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum could not have survived as long as it has without a large group of active and supportive members. To everyone reading this -- whether you joined eight or nine years ago or yesterday -- thank you for helping to make The Cauldron a success these last nine years. Special thanks to current or former members of TC Staff. Extra thanks and a keg of the best virtual beer to Bob for making his server available so we could get off of DelphiForums.

Congratulations for nine great years! BTW, this thread is not just a place to most "Happy Birthday," we hope long time members of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum will post in with some of their memories of our earlier years.

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