Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Finding the Male Aspect of the Divine

In my experience, many Pagan religions, or at least the most well-known groups and books, focus strongly on the Goddess, and I have always related strongly to a feminine view of the Divine. However, I'm finding a need for the male aspect in my life lately, and I'm not sure how to honor it. I see myself as a very strong (strong-willed and thick-headed) woman, and I have a relationship with Kali. It would seem natural, then, to try and develop a relationship with a male from Hindu pantheon, but I have yet to feel drawn to one of them.

I think I'm feeling some resistance to masculine gods because of my negative experiences with a very patriarchal church (I grew up Catholic in a very traditional area of Louisiana), but I would like to put those feelings behind me and start to cultivate a healthy relationship with masculinity, which I see as a different kind of strength from that of Kali and other feminine deities.

I also feel that developing a relationship with a male deity could help me be more understanding of men in my life, from co-workers to my fiance.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking here, but I think I could use some advice from all you wise and wonderful folks who have always had such great insights to offer.

*How do you feel about deities of a different gender than your own?

*Do you feel a need to "work with" male and female gods?

*If/When you have wanted to develop a relationship with a deity or other being, how did you go about it, and did it work?

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