Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poll: Are You a Hellenic Polytheist?

Last year a group of Cauldronites got together and decided to found Ta Hiera, an organization for Hellenic polytheists. For various reasons the project never really got off the ground, but we have discussed it again and decided that we want to start a forum at least. This forum would be hosted on the same server as TC, and have basically the same rules, so I'm thinking that it's something that some of you may want to participate in. (It would be open to all Hellenic polytheists, but probably have a fairly strong Recon focus.) However, I have no clue how many of us there are at TC, so if you are a Hellenic polytheist of some variety, please vote in this poll - or better yet, post a little about yourself and your beliefs in this thread.

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