Monday, August 14, 2006

Is Your Non-Pagan Other Half Supportive?

Obviously this is to all of us who live with Non-pagan partners...

I was really daunted when I first got together with my fiance. I'd dated a few non-pagans shortly after I came out of the 'Broom' Closet and we had a few issues come up because of my faith.

I need not have worried about it though. K has been so completely understanding and supportive about my faith, despite the fact that she has no interest in gods of any kind herself.

As I've mentioned previously on this board, when we first got engaged, she did some research for our wedding and found a pagan priestess who would perform our marriage ceremony and obfuscate it just enough to make it so the christians in the audience wouldn't notice, which I think was soooo totally sweet of her. (Even though we've ended up just going with a Justice Of The Peace (Non denominational wedding) because of cost issues)

She also bought me the most beautiful chest to keep my working tools in when I'm not actively using them (it doubles as an alter as well) for my birthday.

She even recently picked me up and gave me the kick in my butt that I needed when she knew I was avoiding talking with Hecate (I made a promise I didn't quite keep...still smoking.) I talked things over with Hecate and we made a deal that I would cut down, and quit after the wedding.

I was curious to know if those of you with Non-pagan partners have been as lucky as I have with my wonderful K? If not, what sort of problems have you come across?

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