Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Druid Beliefs?

What exactly is druidry? I thought I knew but I was told I was wrong, and now I'm not quite sure. I always believed that they just just believed in the Tutha De Dannan for deities. Do they believe in deities at all? Do they believe in other deities from different cultures?

Historically did they celebrate all 8 sabbats or just a few of them? I have read many things that are contradicting.

What about elements? Is it land sea and sky? Or earth fire water and air? (sounds like something adopted over time to fit in more with other pagan beliefs. But I don't know.)

Did they use the pentacle as a symbol or was that added in modern times? (I have never seen evidence of it being used in the past.)

What ritual tools did they use? (I know they used runes and some type of a wand or staff and things like herbs and stones) did they use cauldrons? Their is the story of Dogda and his cauldron so I think its safe to assume they did I think?

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