Friday, August 04, 2006

Organizing your Eclectic Thoughts

1) Do your dieties all come from one pantheon or are you a mixer? Or do you not see specific dieities but instead monotheism, dualism, or another -ism?

2) Do you feel the need for ritual or offerings of some kind, or do you interact purely on a non-physical level (within the mind/soul)?

3) Do you feel like you need to do rituals/offerings/honorings based on: information you find academically, historical accuracy if available(A need to "do it right"), sporadic feelings, or based on what feels right vs what someone/thing might suggest is right?

4) How important is magick in your life? If not important, skip to question 6.

5) Are you fairly rigid about what you use in magick, correspondences, dates/times/position of the sun/moon/planets, and/or what you will or will not use magick for?

6) Do you study any specific cultures? (Norse, Greek, Egpyt, Celt, etc) Do you prefer an influence of these cultures on your life, or a more reconstructionist approach towards the living your life in accordance to the cultures?

7) Do you have any specific idea about "afterlife"? Do any concepts like karma play a part in that?

8) Are there any labels you apply to your path? After reviewing the above do you feel they are accurate?

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