Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eclectic a Four-Letter Word?

Ever feel like "eclectic" is sometimes recieved as a four letter word? I'm thinking on this because I realized how much I've been avoiding the word over the last year and a half or so. Seems like the immediate thoughts that come to mind, for me, is that of picking and choosing little bits and mixing up a religious Smoothie. Even though my path IS an eclectic one.

Sometimes it feels like I won't be taken seriously by someone I'm talking to if I say eclectic, or others when someone I meet (say in a Witchy store or viewing a new online community) replies with an exclamation of "YEAH me too, I blend Buddhism, Sihk, Gnostic, Wicca, ______, ______," etc. Then its me mentally groaning. So from not wanting to be associated with such a way of thinking, I tend to omit the word alltogether. It's like "eclectic' means "Oh, well the beauty of being Pagan is that I can believe however I want!" and getting out the blender.

Am I just building up an issue in my own mind and making myself crazy by overanalyzing or do others feel similarly? I am asking because its either a thing others notice too, or I'm being a bitch and should be trying to correct the attitude towards the word.

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