Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What books SHOULDN'T you read?

In another discussion group I'm in, I asked a similar question, but it was very subject oriented. Here it's more general.

What book you would not recommend reading, and why so? Be it contents, or just a waste of time and money, or are there better books on the subject?

I can also ask it in a different way - What book wouldn't you recommend for a beginner in this or another path? (material to advanced, need for solid basics before, etc...). That's a different question actually, but never the less also important.

Also, if you think that the book isn't bad, but not suitable for a specific crowd, mention it (i.e. "Wicca" by S. Cunningham, which I think is good for a general interest in Neo-Wicca, but not as good for someone interested in Traditional Wicca).

Why these question(s)? There are many lists of "What to read", but there aren't many of "What to avoid". Many of the books which I think should be avoided, are those who are actually more "easy selling" - tempting covers, tempting titles, etc., which beginners (and non beginners) may buy, and just waste some good time and money, better spent elsewhere. Though IMO, there is no such thing as a "bad" book, because from every book you can learn something (such as - "what is a bad example for a book").

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