Friday, February 19, 2010

Just started Chakra meditation practice - some questions

So I've tried out some guided meditations and musical stuff from several CDs. I feel very well with two different CDs, although I can't follow all things said, but I can also just listen to the music. It's also good for calming down when I can't sleep.

However I feel a bit uncomfy about the solar plexus chakra and that's the same regardless which CD I use. I kind of just don't like it activated too much. Don't know why, but I wonder if it would be good to just skip it and go from sacral chakra directly to heart chakra.

Other, but just slightly uncomfy spots are the throat and crown chakra. The one I feel best with meditating on is the sacral chakra, but root and heart chakra feel also very healing for me when I meditate on them.

I like going through them bottom-top, that seems to be easier for me than just concentrating on only one chakra, but it's also kinda senseless when a few out of the 7 feel uncomfy in the meditation…and I don't know if it's a sign for 'keep going' or 'wait with that one'.

I wonder if my uncomfy feeling might be there because some chakras repress others and in order to restore harmony I need to concentrate on the weak ones. Or maybe some blockages can't be solved directly and I need to start somewhere else first.

Any experience with something like this? Any suggestions from people with experiences in chakra work?

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