Sunday, February 14, 2010


What does your religion teach - or what are your personal beliefs/ethics - regarding violence in action, words, or thoughts? Does it involve a form of pacifism or nonviolence? Or is it on the other end of the spectrum, where physical violence may be necessary or required at times to be in full service to your ideals/religion? Something "other" that neither of those touches on?

Regardless of which belief you hold about whether violence is immoral, or whether sometimes it is the only moral choice* do you believe that you are held spiritually accountable in some way for unnecessary violence? What does your religion teach about violence that is unnecessary or excessive?

* I'm going on an assumption that there are very, very few in the world who believe that physical violence is always the just choice, no matter what, as I've never heard of any religion teaching that, and honestly can't imagine anyone holding that ideal. If you or someone you know is of completely sound mind and is able to function in our modern society and you believe this, please share, because I can't imagine it. Or if there is a historical precedent of some kind.

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