Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Communing with Nature?

I'd like to hear from those who are practicing a religion that reveres nature (or places a great importance on nature or nature spirits) who live in suburban or urban areas. Particularly from people who are transplants there, who have had to adjust to it.

I lived in a rural area my whole life - acres and acres of wooded hills around a family farm - and a few years ago we moved to the outskirts of a honest-to-goodness town. I like it here for a lot of reasons, but the difference is huge in terms of the connection that I feel to nature. It's like trying to have a relationship through glass. Yes, I love the trees around here, and I find meaning in dandelions pushing through cracks in the sidewalk, etc, but it doesn't have the wildness that really resonates with me, and I'm feeling the lack of that strongly.

Also I feel a lack of privacy, due to the proximity of other homes, which affects me. Sure, there's nature everywhere (or I would go mad) but there's no privacy.

What are some ways that other people (who aren't conveniently living in the middle of the woods Smiley ) find to deeply and meaningfully connect with nature? I'm finding that kind of communion to be elusive, and I miss it.

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