Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fairies (by any spelling)

Going on the assumption that most here very rapidly rejected the concept of "twee Victorian fairies" that wear petal skirts and have butterfly wings... what *is* your concept of fairies? Some versions that I've encountered are:

* "The Good Folk" - best avoided if at all possible, and definitely not to be irked.
* Some kind of being from the Underworld, to be respected but also possibly a source of illuminating wisdom for those who seek
* Local nature spirits that can/should be connected with, honored, and even overtly welcomed.
* An anthropomorphic idea of natural energies or the spirits of nature/Earth.
* Demigods of some kind, to be approached with the same deference and respect as you would any other deity.
* Imaginary friends that can be anything you want to pretend they are. Wink (Threw that in for those who don't hold any belief in fairies of any kind.)

And several other versions... including the possibility that we use the term "fairies" as a blanket term to refer to several disparate types of being, which is quite likely.

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