Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Your Gods and Their Ethics

Prometheus, by Gustave MoreauImage via Wikipedia

Have any of you ever had the experience that a deity was telling you to do something that went against your ethical principles? Or, have you ever gotten the sense that a God did something wrong, or made a mistake?

How would that "mistake" affect your relationship with that God? Would you still choose to honor Them, assuming this kind of unethical action didn't take place all the freakin' time?

Personally, I have not had the experience that the Gods have told me to do anything blatantly unethical. I have, at one point, gotten the sense of one of them admitting to doing something that may not have been the wisest course of action. I am not certain if that's what was actually said. The message might have not been "I wish I'd done this differently", so much as "I wish I could have done this differently. but given the circumstances, I had no choice" ( The context of this is very personal and I won't go into details. )

I definitely get the sense that Gods are highly evolved beings who have a wider view of reality than we are, and a deeper knowledge of the consequences of their actions. So, I do not believe they would make mistakes very often given that knowledge. At the same time, if the Gods do make mistakes, those mistakes can happen on a cosmic scale (myth of Sekhmet, anyone?). Mythology is full of stories of Gods making mistakes. Perhaps this was part of the process of how the universe formed. Perhaps even the Gods had to learn their lessons before creation could progress forward. I don't know. I'm pulling theories out of my bum, here, but what does everyone think?

If the Gods see things on a grand cosmic scale and do have a greater understanding of cause and effect...does that excuse behavior that hurts beings on a smaller scale? Do you attribute what seems to be "unethical" behavior to a process of them breaking eggs to make a omelet, or is it just plain wrong?

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